17 Jul2018

Brits Behaving Badly Abroad: The trouble with overseas financial advice

Financial Relationships’ very own Alex Morris joins New Model Adviser® online producer and senior reporter Ollie Smith and Jack Gilbert in discussing the disturbing pitfalls of overseas financial advice in this CityWire podcast.   Investments and charges may not always be what they seem.  It is, therefore, imperative to be armed with the facts to […]

3 May2018

Citywire: Multi-assets Under the Microscope

Alex Morris joins Ian Horne, Citywire head of UK Audience Development, and First State senior portfolio manager Andrew Harman in this podcast to discuss multi-assets. “How are they utilised, and in what ways do they genuinely vary?” “we explored the multi-asset universe by asking – among other things – just how diversified multi-asset investing can […]

8 Oct2015

Interactive Invester

Interactive Invester: get the balance of your ISA right for you The vast majority of investors will describe themselves as ‘cautious’ or ‘medium risk’. After all, no one particularly likes losing money and most of us are realistic enough not to take wild risks with our savings. Equally, the credit crunch has exposed investment risks […]

8 Oct2015

Is property losing its appeal as a long-term investment?

is property losing its appeal as a long-term investment? David Massarella, Compliance Manager at Financial Relationships: The publication last month of the most recent Association of British Insurers (ABI) quarterly consumer survey contains some very revealing figures about how savers and investors are thinking regarding providing for their futures. The figures suggest they are losing […]

8 Oct2015

Savings in a world of volatility and cuts

panacea IFA article: savings in a world of volatility and cuts Alex Morris, Financial Relationships LLP: The only relative certainty in today’s economic environment is volatility and spending cuts. With employment uncertainty there is increasing emphasis on retraining and learning new skills to improve an employee’s employment prospects. Whilst adversity brings opportunities it is no […]