Mentoring Testimonial

8 Oct2015

Mentoring Testimonial: Paul Hodgson (London Irish RFC)

After attending my first RUINN network evening Hugh Vyvyan put me in touch with Alex Morris as I had expressed an interest in the financial sector. We met a couple of weeks later and had a great meeting. He took me through exactly what his profession and company entails.

Although I intend to play rugby and be as successful as I can as player for several more years, I have always been keen to keep one eye open for post-playing days. I have a few different ideas as to what I would like to do after rugby, but one possible option which is favourable to me, is working in the City.

Alex was able to give me an i depth insight to different possible avenues to which I can take in the City and obviously explained what he did at Financial Relationships. Together, we have started to compose a CV for myself and have talked about gaining some work experience through Alex’s endless contacts.

Although it’s early days, I can really say that the mentoring scheme that RUINN is running is a fantastic concept and I recommend any player thinking of life after rugby to attend the next RUINN event. I would like to thank RUINN, Hugh and Alex for the help and advice I have received so far.

Paul Hodgson
London Irish